What do all Successful Businesses Have in Common?


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I have helped small business owners grow their businesses for over 12 years now. Time and time again, one common element stands out from successful businesses and those who continue to struggle. That element is SYSTEMS. Successful business I have worked with have systems in place that automate key functions of their business. On the other hand, those businesses that do not use systems, continue to struggle and feel like they cannot get ahead. The stress of the daily grid begins to weigh on them, and they begin looking for that magical product that will fix everything.

Well, unfortunately that magic Staple’s easy button, just doesn’t exist.

Nonetheless, there are 3 core Systems you can begin to automate that will help your business grow and add customers to your business within the next 30 days. These core systems are Social Proof /Testimonials, Awareness, and Conversation. Below I will highlight each system and and provide insight on how to create these systems for your business.

Social Proof

Everyone in business has heard that people will only buy from you if they like, know, and trust you. Yet, even though most business owners know this, they do not reach out to current and past customers and ask for a review or testimonial to help other potential customers gain trust in your business. Do you know why most business owners dont ask for reviews and testimonials? Because it is a pain!

Business owners have way to much going on… invoicing… fulfilling orders… customer service.. payroll… you know, business stuff! How do you find time to ask for reviews/feedback/and testimonials? You create an automated system.

There are several ways to do this. If you use WordPress and would like to create a simple review system on your own, message me and I will send you a video on how to set up a simple review system for your business. Click here to message me.


If no one knows you have a business, do you really have a business? Since 2007, it has been incredibly easy for your business to get noticed!

You can now create as much traffic as you need from your perfect customer. Just think, even 20 years ago, if your ideal customer was a woman, 35-45 years old, who enjoyed fitness and healthy food, you would need to spend thousands of dollars on media ads in magazines, or banner ads, and hope there were some women in your demographic that would see it… Now you can target that exact market, create awareness, and find new customers for fractions of that. On top of that, you can see exactly how many people see your ad, click to your offer, and purchase. And with today’s marketing you can create as simple or as complex of a customer journey you need to find your perfect customer.

Combine digital marketing ads, with print, and press releases and your small business can look as big as any Fortune 500 company.

In addition, these awareness marketing objectives can be automated through systems, so that you can continue to focus in your zone of genius and new customers can find you on autopilot!


What do I mean about a system for conversation? Customers today expect immediate responses and immediate gratification. Amazon has made us come to expect same day delivery and Netflix will let us watch every episode of a show in a day. We do not have to wait and we love it!

Understanding this, do you think your customers will wait a day or even an hour for you to respond to their email or Facebook Messenger questions? What if you Facebook post has people commenting, and you are too busy with work to answer, will they become customers?

Just today, I filled out a web form, inquiring about purchasing a $15,000 piece of equipment, and no one has responded. It makes me feel like they are not interested in a $15,000 sale. How many much revenue have you lost by not answering questions immediately.

Today with the automation options available on Facebook messenger and email a business could automate immediate responses to every common asked questions you receive daily. This system is POWERFUL. Customer service, prospecting, and sales can all be automated through messenger.


System help business grow through automation. There are countless other system that a business owner could implement; however, over the last 12 years beginning with just one of these categories and then building on your success the next month by adding another category is the fastest way to properly build a foundation for automated customer acquisition.

Here at Clear Concept Group we offer affordable, automated solutions for each of the categories discussed above. Our automated review/feedback system will grow your reviews and social proof on both Google and Facebook. 92% of all future customers you have, will look at your reviews on one or both of these platforms to see how you perform.

For awareness we offer several options for both digital ads, and press releases. Press releases accomplish two major goals. First the provide major social proof for your business, when you can show a customer your were featured on major news sites. Second, they improve your website authority and Google ranking over time. We have had customers achieve first page Google rankings in their very first press release. These systems are essential for new customer acquisition.

Finally we offer Facebook Messenger Bot automation. Whether you just need a simple bot to answer the common questions you get asked daily, or if you need a bot to handle Facebook comments, website customer service, and customer acquisition, we have a level of service that can help.