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Thank you for taking the time today to hear me speak. I have owned and operated a printing company since 2004, and I have been in the digital marketing space for more than 10 years. The changes happening today, are some of the most opportunistic times we have seen.

Some of you may have been involved with Facebook ads 3-4 years ago and will understand what I am saying. Message bots, automation, and the new Facebook Changes represent a great opportunity.

I intend to show you multiple concepts on just this page alone, and if I do my job, and you recognize how a shift in your marketing can super charge your business, fill out the short form below and I will reach out to you to see if we can make a power team.

Continue to read below, or click on the “See A Bot” tab at the bottom of this page for additional examples!

Overview of Facebook Changes and What You Should Do!

Many of you may or may not be aware of the recent changes to the Facebook Algorithm. Two major changes occurred within 1 week of each other.

The 1st: Facebook wants to end click baiting! Marketers have realized that Facebook wants engagement, so by asking their audience to engage for a bonus or an offer, their ad or post had higher engagement which equaled greater reach.

The 2nd major change is that Facebook wants to encourage personal connections and engagement. Therefore, they will be lowering Facebook Business Pages reach, and prioritizing personal and group engagement.

Understanding these two elements, all gym owners should now start a group. I would make this group public, but be sure you state your rules for posting and what cane be promoted. The challenge in a public groups is to provide value, while eliminating spam and negative content. Your group can be linked to your business page, and all content from your business page should be shared to the group. This is where comment bots, and other marketing tactics still remain relevant.

Lastly all video content is key this year, Create a video header or hire someone. Use video for posts, and definitely utilize Facebook Live to grow your audience. Marketing tactics including Bots can rapidly grow these audiences.

Facebook Post/Ad Bot Example

The post to the left contains a comment bot. Just Click the  Speech Balloon on HTC Sense 7 icon to be directed to the original post and comment as the vid instructs. You will receive a private Facebook message in about 5 seconds that will give you a link to the case study. Then, if you are logged into Facebook, and click the link, it will prompt you to continue, and you will be taken to the case study… 

In the background I will be given your email address and can now add you to my autoresponder! 


Imagine the possibilities. Put out valuable content to your audience, giving them a PDF, a discount code, a free week at your gym, and you can the contact without an optin form! How many prospects do you need per month, to pay my service fee? 

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