Blackbird Clinical Services Case Study

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Blackbird Clinical Services is a client who needed to gain first page Google rankings for their Drug Testing Services they offer business owners for employment. They are based in Lafayette, IN but they were expanding there service area to include Lebanon, IN and they needed to improve their search presence to add Lebanon, IN customers. When this project began. They were not listed on any page in Google for the keyword “Lebanon Indiana Drug Screening.”

To begin the project, we needed to create an asset to rank. For this case we created a new webpage dedicated to Lebanon IN. From the screenshots below, you can see the page was created. Initially the page was not even found within Google, but within 30 mins, we made the page discover-able. (First Screen shot was taken before we rapidly added the page to the Google index, and the second is 30 minutes later it appears!)


Next, we needed to get their site ranked! After choosing Clear Concept Group, Blackbird Clinical Services gained first page rankings for that specific key word within 1 week!


And within 1 additional week, they owned 2 our of the top 5 spots! Real Results you can see for yourself!

These results are achievable for your business. Contact us today to improve your business rankings!